October 13, 2008

Blog Moved to ECampus

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I have moved your blog to eCampus discussion board since some of you had trouble working the wordpress site and retrieving your grades and comments. Please use eCampus, okay? Thanks. GD.

September 11, 2008

Class cancelled Sept. 11, 2008

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Hello all: I am canceling class today, september 11. My daughter woke up with a fever and has been sick all morning. I am taking her to the doctor as soon as they open at 8. I am canceling office hours as well. (The blog uses a different time zone. Its 6:45am when I am posting this.)

My apologies.

I will send you detailed instructions on outlines and first essay assignment later today when we are back.

Please continue to post on the final two readings on the blog site.

I will see you all on tuesday.

If you read this please let your group/class know. I will also ask Kathy, the department secretary, to put a cancellation notice in Raub 306.

Thanks and my apologies, again.

And check back with me via email if you have any questions, okay?



September 8, 2008

Reading #5: Malcolm X. Prison Studies

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Please post comments by Sept. 12, midnight. Thanks. GD

Reading #4: Cheryl Peck: Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs

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Please post your comments by Sept. 12 midnight. Thanks. GD

September 1, 2008

Reading #3: James Dillard, A Doctor’s Dilemma, p. 83

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Please post your responses no later than Sept. 5, midnight. Thanks much. GD

Reading #2: Thomas Friedman, My favorite Teacher, p. 117

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Please submit your posts by September 5, midnight. Thanks for your good work on the first log.

August 26, 2008

Reading #1 Joshua Bell, My Maestro

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Please post your comments by August 29, 2008.

Basic Writing: The Learning Log Assignment

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Hello all: Welcome to English 090.08, Basic Writing. This blog site is your Learning Log. Here are the directions on how to use this learning log for the duration of this semester. Please follow them. The learning log is graded with a maximum of 50 available points.


1. What is a Learning Journal or a Learning Log?

If you want to write well, you must write often, you must read as much as possible, and you must think about what you read. The more time you spend reading, writing and thinking, the better your chances at becoming a competent writer. Learning Journal is a structured space for you to write your thoughts on what we read and discuss in class. You can use this space to plant little seeds of ideas, exchange these ideas with your peers and myself, and perhaps go back and use them for your own essays and writing projects.

2. Should I worry about grammar, punctuation, spelling etc?

You do not need to be overly concerned with grammar, punctuation and spelling at this point since the journal is meant to enhance your fluency in writing. But you do need to ensure that your prose is clear, readable and comprehensible to your readers. Your thoughts must be complete. Try to avoid fragments and run-on sentences.

3. What should I write about in this journal?

Please follow these instructions: Comment on the readings we do in class. Your posts should be in two paragraphs.

Paragraph #1: brief summary of the essay–just the main point as you understand it–that includes one brief quotation from the text. Please quote correctly and verbatim from the essay. (maximum of 75 words including the quotation)

Paragraph #2: Your response to the quotation. Do you agree with it? Why? Disagree with it? Why? What do you like about the writing? Why? What do you dislike about the writing? Why? What is the effect of the language? What techniques are used? What is their effect on the reader? (maximum of 150 words)

Please keep your comments to about 250 words. You can comment on what your peers have posted as well–but only after you meet the above requirements for the posts.

4. Who will read my journal?

I will read your journal and comment on it. Your classmates will read your journal and comment on it as well. Since the blog is online there is a possibility that it is open to the public. I doubt the public will be interested, though. Your grades will not be posted online.

5. How often should I write in the learning journal?

I will start the threads for the readings for each week. There are two readings per week. You will have one week (Monday-Friday) to post your response to both readings. Posts made on Saturday and Sunday will not count towards your grade. Your posts will have a date stamp on them.

Let us treat ourselves and each other with great respect as we work on this learning log.

Any other questions, ask me as we go along. Enjoy writing and write often!

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