September 1, 2008

Reading #2: Thomas Friedman, My favorite Teacher, p. 117

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  1. As a student at St. Louis Park High School, Thomas Friedman met a person who left a mark in his mind and heart for life. In tenth grade Thomas took a journalism class where he was taught the “fundamentals” by Hattie M. Steinberg. Hattie was a stern strict teacher that helped her students be the best they could be in all they did while she taught them and in there future ahead. Thomas grew close to Hattie as well as the other students, while working with her on the school newspaper the “Echo” and the school yearbook. Hattie told everything straight forward and helped Thomas become the great writer he is today. Hattie helped Thomas through the years even after he left the school. Even though Hattie is gone now her fundamentals she taught are still helping Thomas today.

    Teachers are a big part of our lives, we all have them and we will all remember them but some make an impact on us that we remember forever. This story shows us that teachers really are here to help you and guide you on your journey through life as long as your willing to learn. If teachers don’t help you succeed then they feel like they are not doing there job. All they really want you to do is succeed and be great at whatever you do in life. Hattie shows Thomas things that truely matter in writing and in life. She shows him so much about writing and so much about himself. Most people cannot say they became close friends with a teacher but Thomas did and he will treasure that friendship forever.

    Good work. I enjoyed reading this response. Thanks. GD

    Comment by Kiley Gibbons — September 1, 2008 @ 9:11 pm | Reply

  2. This essay is about Thomas Friedman, a student at St. Louis High School, who met a person that changed his life forever. In tenth grade Thomas took a journalism class with Hattie M. Steinberg. “I took her intro to journalism course in 10th grade, back in 1969, and have never needed, or taken, another course in journalism since. She was that good.” Hattie Stienberg was a strict teacher that showed her students that they could be whatever they wanted. Thomas became very close to his teacher. Hattie helped Thomas through the years even after he left school. Even after his teacher’s death, she still plays a huge role in his life.

    This quote shows that teachers play a big role in our life. There’s always one that stays in our thoughts forever. Teacher’s are here to help us learn. Hattie showed Thomas things that mattered to him.

    Lauren: Please proofread for grammar. Also, pick an idea and develop that in greater detail. Thanks. GD

    Comment by Lauren Forbes — September 2, 2008 @ 2:31 pm | Reply

  3. This story is about Thomas Friedman, a columnist for The New York Times. He is very successful in journalism, he has gone to Oxford University in England, and has won three Pulitzer prizes in his profession. Even with these accomplishments, he credits his sophomore teacher in high school for his success. Thomas feels that his teacher Hattie M. Steinberg, made him the journalist he is today. Thomas was writing a column in the New York Times about people who have recently died, that made a big impact on people`s lives. Thomas feels that after taking journalism with Hattie, he did not need to take another class, it prepared him for the future of journalism. Hattie had a very interesting way of teaching, she even taught her students about consequences in journalism, from the article that had a four letter curse word in it. Thomas joined the school newspaper that year, but did not write for it, because he did not make Hattie`s standards. He instead sold business ads to local pizza parlors. Thomas remained friends with Hattie through many years after high school. After Hattie died, all of Thomas` work she saved was sent back to Thomas.

    Any student that reads this short story, should have some remembrance of a great teacher they once had. Everyone always has one teacher that makes an impact for a lifetime. Usually this type of teacher shows us the way, the way we will live our life and what we will make out of it. I agree with Thomas in this story, these teachers deserve to be recognized, if not for them many of us would not know exactly what we want to do. Just like Thomas, I plan to become a teacher because I have had several great teachers that have showed me that way. This passage makes us all think about the future, and doing things before it is too late. Thomas says in the end that he wishes he would have written this sooner, so that his teacher would have gotten to see this article, before she passed away.

    What a nice response, Travis. Well-written. I enjoyed reading this. Good work. Thanks. GD

    Comment by Travis Kolovich — September 3, 2008 @ 12:09 am | Reply

  4. In this essay Thomas L. Friedman tells about a person who changes his life and leaves his marks on it. This person is his teacher Hattie. In 10th grade Friedman took her Intro to Journalism course and has not needed to take another journalism course since then. Hattie taught him the secret of getting successful and that you have to struggle sometimes to get that what you want. She was a very strict teacher but nevertheless all her students liked her – so did Friedman. He became very close to his teacher and even after he left school she influenced his life and still plays a big role for him.

    This essay shows that teachers can have a big influence on our lives. I really liked the fact that Hattie was not described as a really nice teacher. Friedman writes that she was very strict and that it was not that easy to come up to her writing standards. But there are little things which make her a likeable person. For example giving Friedman a chance to write one article although he did not accomplish to write for the paper “The Echo”.
    I think in school some students dislike very strict teachers but this essay shows that they only want the best for their student and prepare them for their later live which will not be so easy like in school.

    Good work, Perihan. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks. GD

    Comment by Perihan Yurtseven — September 3, 2008 @ 4:52 pm | Reply

  5. Thomas, the main character and narrator, grew up in Minneaplos. He has a teacher, Hattie M. Steinberg, that was a tough woman. She belived that the secrect to success was to have all of the fundamentals correct. She was to teacher all of her students about consequences. Thomas took her journalism class in 10th grade and hasn’t taken aor needed another journalism class since. She was nearing her 60’s in 1960 and unfortunately passed away because she could read the spectular article written by Thomas.
    In life everyone has someone that has had an impact on them. ForThomas Friedman, it was his teacher Hattie. In life it could be anyone so simple to be a family member, friend or teacher to thepresident. Also in this particular story it showed that though love is not always bad. For Thomas, tough love did really well for him. I admire the fact that Hattie could have such an impact on a Thomas. It always good to have someone to count on and to have someone that can teach you something that you could use in life. Life lessons are the best lessons to be learned.

    Good response. Where is your quotation? Thanks. GD

    Comment by Alicia Brown — September 3, 2008 @ 10:24 pm | Reply

  6. This story was about a relationship betweeen a teacher and not just one student inperticular but her students as a whole. Hattie steinberg was a journalism teacher who taught her students much more than beautiful journalism. Thomas Friedman described her as “a women of clarity in an age of euncertainty”(118). Thomas loved his teacher, she taught him how to be a brutal journalist. She seemed to me as one of those teachers that just doesnt take no for an answer.
    I feel as though this story differs a lot from joshua bells story because his teacher looked after him his teacher was more of a “father” figure. hattie Steinberg was just a strict teacher who though she loved her students and loved to see them grow and progress she wasnt the same as Gingold in “My Maestro”.

    Good point about the contrast between the two teachers. Proofread please. Thanks. GD

    Comment by Charles Franzone — September 3, 2008 @ 10:58 pm | Reply

  7. This story describes how an english teacher impacted a student’s life. The teacher, Hattie M. Steinberg tought Into to Journalism and taught it so well that student, Thomas L. Friedman never had to take another Journalism class again. Hattie didn’t allow her students to get away with anything and was very tough on them. “Hattie was a woman who believed that the secret for sucess in life was getting the fundamentals right.” The main thing she taught them was how to act in a professional way. No day ever pass where Friedman doesn’t think of the properties that Hattie had instilled in him.

    I agree with the quote i choose because if you don’t get the fundamentals and the basic things in life right then the more complicated things will be even harder to get right. But, sometimes getting the basic things in life right can be pretty hard even with the most simpliest things.

    Comment by Lisa Szymendera — September 4, 2008 @ 2:30 am | Reply

  8. The essay “My favorite Teacher” is about a 10th grade Introduction to
    Journalism teacher named Hattie Steinberg. Hattie taught Thomas L.
    Friedman who is the narrator of this story. Thomas is now a Foreign
    Affairs columnist for the New York Times and a graduate of Oxford
    University in England. Friedman said that Hattie was the best
    journalism teacher ever and that he never had to take a course in
    journalism again after her 10th grade journalism course. She was a very
    tough teacher but that is what Thomas liked about her, that she set
    goals and always expected the goals she set to be met. Another thing
    that Thomas liked about Hattie was that she always said “The secret
    for success in life was getting the fundamentals right.” When Hattie
    taught Thomas and the other students in his class she was sixty years
    old and was still a single women, so Thomas and his fellow students
    where like children to Hattie always making her smile and making her
    classes fun. After High School Hattie and Thomas remained friends for
    thirty years. Hattie was also the person who introduced Thomas to the
    editors at the New York Times. Hattie died on July 31st, 2001. Thomas
    wishes he could have wrote his essay on her before she died so she could
    read it and see how much he appreciated everything she did for him not
    only personally but professionally. To this day he still remembers the
    number of her classroom at St. Louis Park High School, Room 313.

    I believe that the essay is a bit like the last essay we read “My
    Maestro,” by Joshua Bell because just like that one it shows a teacher
    student relationship that goes further then the class room. To me these
    essays are very interesting because not all the time do you see
    relationships like these. But, I am lucky because I did have this kind
    of relationship with two of my teachers in High School, Mrs. Karen Adolt
    who was my English teacher and also my Spanish teacher Mrs. Louise
    Howard. Both these teachers did not just teach me about the subjects
    they taught but they taught me about life and love and to just be me! I
    will never forget both of them they will always be in my heart just Like
    Hattie M.Steinberg will always be in Thomas’ heart. So when he talks
    about how he loved his teacher I totally understand. Unfortunately not
    everyone has been as lucky as I have been to have two teacher that I
    will also remember because they reached out to me personally they taught
    me how to meet any challenge head on and if I did that I would always be

    Comment by Kyle Driscole — September 4, 2008 @ 3:06 pm | Reply

  9. “I only regret that I didn’t write this column when the woman who taught me all that was still alive”. Thomas Friedman has been apart of the New York Times since 1981. Mr. Friedman lived in a small town in Minneapolis. His tenth grade teacher Hattie Steinberg influenced him several ways. If it was not for Miss Steinberg he may not be where he is today. Ms. Steinberg was a journalism teacher, and believed that the secret for success in life was getting the fundamentals right such as reading, writing, arithmetic, church and others. Friedman’s teacher never stopped pushing him, she was one of toughest teachers he ever had and he did not regret taking her class. She opened his mind, and made him realize that the more effort you put into your work the more chances life will give you.

    This story is about inspiration, and always pushing yourself to become more successful in whatever you may do in the future. The quote I stated earlier is stating that Mr. Friedman wishes for his teacher to be alive to see how far and how well he is doing in his future. Also letting her know if it were not for her he would not be the columnist in the New York Times. He wanted to thank her, and let her know that he was successful due to her encouragement on not ever giving up on him.

    Comment by Deanna Brennan — September 4, 2008 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

  10. In the story “My Favorite Teacher” a boy named Tom Friedman is a student in 10th grade. He is in Hattie Steinberg’s journalism class. This class is very difficult but very effective. He says that was the only journalism class he has ever taken and ever needed. She pounded the fundamentals.“Hattie was a woman who believed that the secret for success in life was getting the fundamentals right.”Once he completed this class he tried out for the school new paper which Hattie was the supervisor. She would always let you do what you think you should. He asked if he should use a word that the ad exc. used she said yes. He almost lost his job because of it. They remained friends for 30 years.Hattie passed away on July 31.

    This story is about how important it is to learn the basic things about what your trying to do. Tom’s passion was journalism. Hattie taught him everything he needed to know.I believe that knowing the fundamentals of anything is important. Everything you learn about a subject is built on fundamentals. This story is written to thank or appreciate Hattie for being so hard and strict on him. He says there isn’t a day that goes by he doesn’t think about something that Hattie had thought him.

    Comment by ryan jola — September 4, 2008 @ 8:33 pm | Reply

  11. In this short story, “My Favorite Teacher,” a boy effectivly learns the structure of journalism by a women who he has a great amount of respect for. A boy named Tom Friedman is in the tenth grade in the state of Minneapolis. Hattie Steinberg was his journalism teacher and was very hardcore with him. This class of journalism was not a class that he could just slide by. He had to focus all the time in order to do well and pass for the year. It was a very difficult study. She was very focused on her job and tought Tom so well that Hattie’s teachings skills were the only skills that he had ever needed to learn. She was a great teacher and tought Tom everything he needed to know. Throughout the years Tom and Hattie became very good friends and stayed close friends for over thirty years. On July 31, Hattie had passed away.

    This story is about always do your best at what you are trying to achieve. You should never give up no matte how horrible things become, keep pushing to do your best. Knowing everything at what you are trying to achieve is the best way to success. Mrs. Steinburg had tought Tom everything he needed to know and more. Tom and Hattie became very good friends and he misses her everyday.

    Comment by Kassie Faretta — September 5, 2008 @ 12:11 am | Reply

  12. In the story “My Favorite Teacher” by Thomas Friedman, a young student is touched by a journalism teacher, Hattie M. Steinburg. The young boy thinks of his teacher as “..the toughest teacher..” but then realizes later that she was an excelent teacher after all, considering the boy never needed an other journalism class again. He had learned so much from Ms. Steinburg that he wouldn’t want to get any other teachers advice on journalism.

    In the 10th grade was the first time the boy had Hattie and actually didn’t like her but he grew to love her. After taking her class in the 10th grade students would try out for the paper, “The Echo”. The young boy, Thomas, didn’t exactly meet her standards for the paper so he was forced to be business manager. That year though Hattie let Thomas write one story, it was the first story he had ever got published. Thomas and Hattie remained friends for over 30 years, when she died her friends had sent Thomas all of his papers and work he had down that Hattie had kept over the years. To this day Hattie will always be remembered in Thomas’s mind of his favorite teacher.

    Comment by Clare Gaeng — September 5, 2008 @ 1:44 pm | Reply

  13. During Tom’s tenth grade year he learned the most valuable knowledge to him. It was so powerful he went on to be a journalist. He had this teacher whom they called Hattie.She was a very strict teacher that Tom looked up to and succeded in her class. “Hattie was a woman who believed that the secret for success in life was getting the fundamentals right.” Tom has never taken another journalism class after Hattie’s class. He said that he does not need to know any more.

    I belive the fundamentals are very important. In any thing you do there are fundamentals to doing it correctly.I liked how even though this teacher was strick he had alot of respect from her and that is why I feel he got alot out of the class.

    Comment by Jennifer Heldreth — September 5, 2008 @ 6:36 pm | Reply

  14. The essay “My Favorite Teacher” by Thomas L. Friedman was about Thomas and his favorite teacher which was Hattie who taught him his Intro to Journalism. This was his 10th grade teacher who soon became one of his good friends. Hattie was a very tough teacher. She was also the supervisor of the school paper which Thomas did the next year with her which made them closer. “Hattie was a woman who believed that the secret for success in life was getting the fundamental right.”

    I think Hattie’s quote was very legit, with saying that the secret for success in life was getting the fundamental right. She seemed to be a very smart woman, who knew how to handle kids and keep pushing them to there best. I think this essay was a little boring I did not like it as much as the others. I think that if more explains of Thomas experiences with Hattie would have made it more interesting.

    Comment by Kylie Murray — September 5, 2008 @ 8:26 pm | Reply

  15. “My favorite teacher” is about a teacher, Hattie Steinberg, who taught a journalism class to the tenth grade. One of her students was Thomas L Friedman. Friendman is now a columnist for the New York Times and says he owes it all to his teth grade journalism class. Steinberg was a tough teacher but that didn’t bother Friedman. In fact that one of the reasons he likes her so much; she challenged him. After the year they both kept in touch and Steinberg continued to teach others. In 2001, Steinberg died and Friendman’s only regret was he wished she was still alive to read this article.

    This story is about how much Hattie Steinberg inpacked Thomas Friendman’s life. She opened the doors for Friedman. He is a very accomplished writer and Hattie Steinberg would be proud.

    Comment by Gretchen Gobble — September 5, 2008 @ 8:36 pm | Reply

  16. At St. Louis Park High School Room 313, Hattie Steinberg taught journalism. Thomas Freidman took Hattie’s intro to journalism class in 10th grade. Freidman had never needed to take another journalism class in his life. Hattie’s teaching method included getting the right fundamentals and “pounding them into her students.” Hattie had ran a paper called the Echo which was hard to try out for. Freidman finally got into the paper but only for a business manager position. Freidman and Hattie had become good friends and stayed friends for 30 years. She followed Freidmans career and critqued him through it. Hattie passed away a few years later but Freidman never will forget about her.
    I believe that this story is about learning all you can, doing your best and having a great role model to follow. You should always do you best, like Freidman. He learned all he could from Hattie and that took him far in his journalism career. Role models are also important as well. Freidman learned this early in his life and had Hattie, his role model, for years and years. No matter what you should always try your best at whatever you do.

    Comment by Brittney Straub — September 5, 2008 @ 8:46 pm | Reply

  17. In the passage “My Favorite Teacher” a High school student loses one of his most beloved teachers Hattie M.Steinberg. Thomas L.Friedman (the student) Followed his aspirations and is now a columnist for the forighn affairs for the New York Times. Hattie had given More then just words and qoutes to her stidents. Hattie showed her students the Fundamentals to all writing and journalism skills. Hattie was onlt a tenth grade teacher, but to all of her students she seemed like the hardest to work for. The writing course had made a big imperssion on Thomas’s life, and stuck to him as a career. When hattie died Thomas was devestated, and prappaly wasn’t feeling so hot when all of Hattie’s freinds sent him back all the writings thomas had done throughout his career, that Hattie kept track of.

    I can understand how thomas feels. Everyone has a special someone who is not family, but just as close. When anyone like that passes away it’s very hard. Hattie has obviously given thomas confidence no matter what he did, or what he wrote. Near the end of the passage it said that Thomas and alot of the students from room 313 where like family to Hattie. when i read this passage it reminded me of my creative writing teacher Mr.Boyer. no matter what I wrote he was always there to scold me, and correct my mistakes.

    Comment by Daniel Sabon — September 6, 2008 @ 3:48 am | Reply

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